They Don’t Give

Caregivers Drugs…

In 2009, Erin Copelan was appointed sole Caregiver to her husband as he was diagnosed with cancer, underwent multiple surgeries, and a successful liver transplant.

And through this experience, Erin discovered that nobody talks about the OTHER side of major medical:

  • What it’s like to be a Caregiver.
  • The importance of taking a pause.
  • What it’s like to take on new roles like Kitchen Table Pharmacist or The Burro – and schlepping EVERYTHING the patient can’t carry.

As a Caregiver, you want an example of HOW to survive caregiving! After all… they don’t give YOU drugs. You want to know how to navigate the needs of the patient, day-to-day life, your own mental health, and all of the “other duties as assigned.”

You’re not alone anymore. In her all-new book, “Welcome to Caregiving: The Things Caregivers Never Talk About” author Erin Copelan offers insights into her Caregiving journey through personal stories, lots of humor, and easy-but-practical advice on how to step into the role of Caregiver.

And on Tuesday, March 29, 2022 -- Erin's book went bestseller!

Continue her mission and be sure to continue to spread the word. Buy a book for your local hospital, care facility, or library.

Together, we’re helping Erin share the message about what it MEANS to be a Caregiver!